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Hello. I’m Angus and I’m the Executive Director of OutdoorArtsUK. I used to work at the National Theatre as a Producer. I worked there for a very long time on a huge variety of projects and a part of me still feels embedded in the concrete.

For both work and pleasure, I see a lot of different forms of theatre and other performance, so I’m using this blog as a discipline to bring a little more critical appraisal to my viewing. However, it remains a personal blog and is not intended as a professional reviewing site. As well as a wide cultural interest, my other passions are cycling and cooking; an ideal day would be a long cycle in the sun followed by a quirky outdoor performance and then a great dinner in the evening.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the opinions and reviews are very much my own and not representative of my organisation! As the subjects inevitably feature people I know and work with, please don’t anyone take offence… it’s just a bit of blogging and I won’t be horrible. However, I hope that it may offer some guidance to what I programme, how I analyse work and why I make certain choices.

Some fun stuff here: Angus on Facebook

Some work stuff here: Angus on Linkedin

Some chatty stuff here: Angus on Twitter

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