Tumble Circus, Jacksons Lane, London, UK.I’ve been meaning to see this show for years. I really like Tumble Circus, who appeared in Watch This Space years ago, but time and again I’ve missed it. So, I finally got myself to the London Wonderground to see it. This is What We Do for a Living is witty, honest and genuinely authentic. It has warmth, humanity and wry knowing humour and completely plays to its strengths. Ken’s vest is way too transparent, Tina’s shorts are way too small and their shoes are way too big, but as they share their story with us, we warm to the weird combo of Irish/Swedish charm. We get juggling, hoops, rope and a really terrific static trapeze finale. We get tales of their meeting and their wavering relationship and their working lives. It’s presented without pretension and with a real sparkle. Ken and Tina achieve very simply what many other circus shows try far too hard to do. Just bloody delightful.

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