Limbo 3If we are in limbo, we are perched on the edge of hell; not quite dammed, but not quite saved either. It’s the fire of the devils or the feathers of the angels, so to help us make our choice, let’s meet some sleek, sexy and super-skilful circus artists! And out of the mouth of hell or from the gates of heaven they pour, with a knowing look in their eye, a fine line in striding down a catwalk and bodies to die for, they are multi-skilled, coolly engaging and effortlessly playful. Produced by Aussie outfit Strut and Fret (who also boast an über-cool website), Limbo is pacy and dynamic, always stopping each act just in time to leave us wanting more. A bit of magic here, a sway pole or three there, we’re constantly kept alert for what surprise is coming next: aerial work on chains? Why not? Amazing one-handed  acro-balance jumping? Of course. They sing, they dance, they impale themselves for our pleasure, the fire scene is brief and dazzling, the illusions suitably breathtaking, the lighting is sensational and before we know it, it’s over. We’re exhausted, they just look as cool as ever. I think that we ended up in heaven, but wherever we were, we had a great time getting there.


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